"Senior Photography"

Graduating from High School represents a crossroad in one’s life. Our goal is to forever capture that delicate balance between adolescence and adulthood in our senior photography.

For most of us, our senior photographs are the last time we ever have a photograph taken of just ourselves. Marriage and raising a family isn’t that far in the future after graduating; and from then on, its baby pictures and the occasional family photograph. If your senior photographs are going to be the sole documentation of yourself for future generations to see, do you really want those photographs to imitate the latest and ever-changing "trend," or do you want something that transcends time?

We price our senior photography to reflect the way we photograph…simple, precise, and unique. Most studios have so many additional charges for outfit, makeup, and pose changes; it leaves you with no idea what the final price will be. We would never purchase a product this way, and we don’t want our clients to either.

Can’t decide what look personifies you, or what to wear? When you schedule your session, we provide you with a design consultation to help you determine what outfits you might want to bring and what style of photography is right for you.

Our personalized service, attention to detail and commitment to our craft will guarantee you images that not everyone else in town has, and more importantly images that you will enjoy for a lifetime.